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What is a cookie?
   Almost every website uses cookie technology. A cookie is a small file that saves Internet settings. It is downloaded through a browser during the first visit to a website. When browsing the site using the same device, the browser can check if there is a related cookie (that is, which contains the site name) and uses the cookie data to send it to the site. This allows sites to recognize that the browser is not on the first visit and in some cases varies the displayed content in order to reflect this aspect.

The benefits of cookies
   Some cookies are extremely useful because they can make the experience more enjoyable to the user when he returns to a website he has visited several times before. Using the same device and same browser as before, they can, for example, remember your preferences, help us know how you use our sites, and provide content that is more relevant to your interests and needs. None of the used cookies by our websites collect personally identifiable information.